What is a Secondary Cataract and How to Treat It

secondary cataract

Cataract surgery is performed on millions of Americans each year and is a relatively successful operation. Of the 3 million Americans who have cataract surgery every year, nearly 98% of them report the operation as successful. And while only 0.05% of people report postoperative complications, they do occur. The most common complication is what is known as a secondary cataract. What is a … [Read more...]

Microdermabrasion: Way Better Looks in 2014


You often wonder why so many Hollywood celebrities would still look great even with a straight late night shows. And for your info, it might not just be their genes alone, their beauty treatments might do some additional jobs to keep them young wrinkle and acne free. Microdermabrasion has been one of the treatments that most doctors administer to the famous. And to think that movie star … [Read more...]

How To Finally Get Whiter Teeth


Whether you tried tirelessly throughout 2013 to get whiter teeth, or you just recently decided to make it a priority, there’s no reason why 2014 can’t finally be the year that you get the pearly whites you deserve. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get rid of yellow and discolored teeth for a variety of reasons. Not visiting the dentist Infrequent brushing Not … [Read more...]

3 Things You Should Know about Dealing with Depression at Work

Depression at Work

We all have to go through a crisis at one point in our lives.  Some people were lucky enough to get out of it unscathed while others have to suffer from severe depression.  If you are one of those people who are in a very difficult time of life today you should know that you are not alone.  Many people are also experiencing the kind of personal crisis that leads them to suffer from … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Make The Most Of 2014


According to a University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology study, 92% of Americans fail to keep their New Year’s resolution. The reason is simple: the advent of another year conjures images of newness and change within us, but our learned behaviors cause us to fall back into our old routine. With 2014 only a few weeks away, you may be considering making yet another … [Read more...]

Guidelines For Pre And Post-Operative Plastic Surgery Care

Plastic Surgery Care

So, you have made the decision to go under the knife after you bumped into a friend at a party who is flaunting her perfectly slender legs in that red, long slit dress and are tempted to get that look yourself. Or you dread waking up to a flawed nose and ugly cheekbones every day or perhaps you just lost oodles of weight and not regret the same every time you look at those unwanted stretch marks … [Read more...]