5 Tips to Consider When You Are Shopping for an IT Job


Working in the IT industry is one of the most challenging, rewarding and fulfilling careers anyone could pursue. Your professional growth, however, often depends upon the job you ultimately find. Whether you’re unemployed, searching for a new position or switching careers altogether, it’s vital to know what to look for when shopping for an IT job. Online job postings and referrals from … [Read more...]

Why you should consider a wireless doorbell for your home

wireless doorbell

Innovations in home décor and structure is not just about visual design. Sometimes it’s about inventing new ways of making life a little easier. From the moment a person steps onto your porch, they are either going to knock or they are going to hit the doorbell. In the past, you usually had to deal with a wired process, in which wires connected to the bells and would announce your visitor’s … [Read more...]

7 Advantages of Pursuing a Career in IT


Are you a keen problem-solver with the ability to quickly adapt to changing situations? Do you like working in a team environment and applying technology to complex problems? Information technology may be perfect for you! While many industries are struggling to stay afloat, the IT field continues to grow. For aspiring professionals, pursuing a career in IT has multiple benefits. 1 - Multiple … [Read more...]

Avoid Data Roaming Charges With Virtual Phone Numbers

virtual phone number

Spending time overseas for work can be a little lonely and we like to talk to our friends and family over the phone, but international roaming charges get so expensive that we would rather be the ones calling the people we dearly miss. And usually the by the time we return home, we have incurred an incredible phone bill that will leave us scratching our heads. Don’t fall victim into … [Read more...]

Tips On How to Come Up With A Unique Invention


To come up with a new product idea means you are ready to face certain challenges, finding a solution to a problem, and you are open minded for any possibilities. Every successful invention comes with real hard work, patience and determination. Famous and successful inventors have spent years in researching, studying and creating prototypes to come up with a beneficial and profitable product. … [Read more...]

How is the way we use Technology likely to change in 2014?

New Tech 2014

Sometimes, it almost seems like things can't possibly evolve much more than they already have done while still remaining useful. However, with each year, new developments in hardware and networking change the way we use technology for communication, entertainment and work in ways we never expected before they occurred. If you could have shown someone in the late 90's who was excited about being … [Read more...]