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How to Find a Belkin Router IP Address


Belkin is one of the popular router and modem manufacturers that allow the user to have its own home network. Now, every model of router comes with CD setups that help them to make everything possible as soon as possible. If you don’t have a CD, you do not worry ...

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Troubleshooting The Internet Connection Like a Pro

The Internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives and we have to admit that internet speed is important factor. The higher the better. So, if it becomes sluggish and doesn’t perform as we got used to it is a huge problem for most people. Normally, the internet ...

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4 Best Online Marketing Tools

Online Marketing Tools

The internet has made life easier, at least for most of us. The field of marketing, however, has demanded a constant attention to social media, email and other virtual tools to analyze customer behavior and increase profitability. Marketing is no longer about the creation of an advertisement; it is about ...

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Smart Ways to Get More Out Of a Digital Agency

Digital Agency

Most of the marketing managers and company officials frown at the lower returns even after making huge investing the marketing efforts. The challenges related to overcoming one after another obstacles in the digital sphere can only be mitigated by forging a harmony with the marketing agency and formulating a common ...

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Why Use a VPN on Your Smartphone

multitasking in hands

Smartphones have changed the world! They’ve changed to way we interact, how we learn, and how we organise ourselves; plus they’ve opened up a world of infinite possibility! Now we can do almost anything from our phone; no matter where in the world we are or what we are trying ...

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5 Ways to Recycle Old Slow Computers

Obsolete computer electronics equipment for recycling, isolated on white.

Many people rely on computers these days, or simply just use them a lot. So when their computer begins to slow down and show signs that the end is near they will just replace it rather than fix it. If you’re someone that’s stuck with a computer that isn’t preforming ...

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How To Excel In Using Excel


Excel is the world’s number one spreadsheet application. It was created by Microsoft and it features calculation functions, graphic tools and pivot tables. This program has been an industry standard since 1993, and proficiency Excel usage became essential when applying for jobs in several industries. In this article we are ...

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Top 10 Mobile Network Operators for 2015

cell phone providers

While there’s no doubt that cell phones are useful, figuring out the best service provider and plan can be a nightmare. Mobile network operators offer different phones and services, so figuring out which will best suit your needs can be a hassle, especially since most carriers want you to sign a one ...

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Buying a CCTV Camera System for Your Home or Business

CCTV Camera System

Whether you are homeowner or someone running a business, you may have been aware of the benefits of installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system in your home or your venture. Indeed, when you have such a system installed in your home or place of business, you help ensure the safety ...

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5 Must Haves on a Successful Website

Responsive Design

Just as it was very hard to believe that someone could have a business without a phone number or business cards to share in the 20th century, it is very hard these days to believe that someone has a business without a website or an e-mail to share with potential ...

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5 Technology Solutions For Better Homes


In the era of all things are smart and wireless, it’s no wonder our homes are becoming all button-operated as well.  From massive surround sound speakers and breathtaking home cinemas to smart window blinds, advanced heating and air-conditioning systems and wireless home monitors, the room for state-of-the-art upgrades available to ...

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Using the Internet for the right cause


World-wide web, commonly known as the Internet, had become one of the most important things of the 21st century. From its humble beginnings, it had grown into unavoidable thing in everyday life. It has multiple types of usage, and I will just give you quick list on what occasion you ...

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Highlights of Online Marketing

Online Marketing

As a form of marketing that utilizes different internet mediums, online marketing is rapidly taking advantage over the traditional forms of marketing. SEO campaigns, e-mail subscription, banner advertising and pay-per-click are some of the most popular approaches to online retail. The main potential of online marketing is that it can ...

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