How to remove your wallpaper easily

remove wallpaperRemoving your wallpaper can turn out to be very handy and tiresome. We suggest some tips to make it easier for you.

That way, removing the wallpaper will become an easier task that will take less efforts and time.

1- Be handy

To remove your wallpaper by yourself, you need to get first a clean sprayer. Fill it with warm water and two caps of sanitizer.

Then spray it on the wallpaper and leave it for some minutes before you take off with a spatula. If you have a double layer of wallpaper, repeat the action till it is completely removed.

In case of vinyl wallpaper used in bathrooms, this tip won’t work.

You need a steel brush or some sand papering.

2- Get special products

There are some special products that can be applied directly on the wallpaper. In fact, they go through the wallpaper and remove the stick.

In this case, the wallpaper is easily removed with a large spatula working down to top.

3- Use big utensils

It is certainly more expensive but definitely more efficient.

The steam remover can make you easily gain time and make less effort. This utensil is very easy to use and flexible. Moreover, the steam remover is very safe as you use only water and no chemical products.

However, make sure that you unplug it and cover your soil with plastic covers.



  1. Wonderful and quite productive tips to remove or replace wallpapers.


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