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10 simple things for a safe handiwork


1- Ask for advice

To perform your handiwork, try to get advice from specialists in the hard store; their technics can be of great help, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

2- Take precautions

Handiwork is not without risk: clipping, crushing, electric shock, falls, or intoxication…

You need to be careful and follow basics before you start working:

  • No aperitif drinks before your work as you will need your focus.
  • If you feel tired, leave it for later, until you feel fit for it.
  • Always be safely equipped.

3- Prepare your working space

For a successful handiwork, prepare a spacious area for your work. Don’t forget that it should be well lit.

4- Keep your children from your handiwork area

If your children want to see you repair something, they should stay far enough from your working space.

Also, all toxic or dangerous products must be kept away from children.

5- Be equipped like a pro

Even if handiwork material is expensive, you really need to have a good set. Moreover, don’t forget to wear the protection fittings: hard hat, welder’s goggles, dust mask…

6- Make sure your equipment is in a good condition

It is really important that you verify this point. Most handiwork accidents are caused by damaged material.

7- Read carefully the application handbook

In order to avoid accidents when using utensils such as chain saw, grinder, circular saw… take your time reading the handbook application and stick to the instructions.

8- Remain vigilant when doing electricity reparations

Electricity is part of home handiwork. Before working on electric wires, switch off the energy and protect yourself with adequate gloves.

Be more careful if you are doing electric installation next to a water source.

9- Take off your rings before starting your handiwork

Indeed, forget about your rings, watches, and other jewelry when doing handiwork. They can easily cause accidents.

10- Tidy up when you finish

After the work, start tiding all your equipment in a safe place.

Regarding the diluents, keep them away from children reach.

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