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4 steps to make a new kitchen table

kitchen tableSummer is coming soon and you may need to change the design of your kitchen.

You can take advantage of a nice clear day and tinker for a while! Indeed, if you have an old table that sleeps in your garage and make a nice kitchen table of it.

1- Clean your table

With a dry cloth, take of the dust and the spider webs.

2- Treat your table against bugs

You surely don’t want them to get invaded by bugs. You can use an insecticide to treat the wood. Don’t forget to use the gloves and a mask for protection. Also, if you can, treat the table in an open space.

3- Sand your table

Sand the parts of the table you wish to paint. In fact, before you start painting, sand the table so you can get a better result. You can use a sander and take your time doing it for a perfect result.

4- The painting

Make some tests on some wood parts to have an idea about how it will look like!

Don’t hesitate to be creative and to enjoy it. Finally, note that there is no particular way for painting, just let the table dry between each coat of paint.

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