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5 Clues To Get Over Your Winter Blues

Winter BluesDays are shorter, and our mood goes down, it looks like a break down.

Don’t worry it is just winter blues. We tell you what causes it, and how to deal with it.

Cause :

It seems that winter blues have something to do with daylight.

Indeed, unlike vampire, we do need daylight to stimulate our mood. When we lack daylight, our brain tends to secrete more melatonin which makes us sleepy.

Meanwhile, serotonin decreases causing a desire for sugar (chocolate, cakes…).

These symptoms are called Seasonal Affective Disorder “SAD”.

Cures :

  • It is not a secret, to get over your blues go out, expose yourself to daylight, even if it’s for a lunch, or a coffee with friends.
  • It is really tempting to imitate Mr. Bear in winter and just hibernate. But… remember Aristotle and SOCIALIZE!
  • Organize a slunch with friends, especially on Sunday, it will help you face Monday at work.   For the other days of the week, after work, try to go out for a comedy, an exhibition, a book club… any activity will do it.
  • When facing the blues, your job is merciless! It’s normal then that you feel tired and can’t wait to get out of office!
    Learn to breathe!
    Put your hands on your belly; breathe slowly and deeply through your nose.
    Then, expire slowly through your nose.
    Do it 5 times in a row.
  • Opt for vitamins in your nutrition. They give you punch and you feel more active especially if you take vitamin C.

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