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5 foods to put you in a good mood

good mood foodsWhen people start asking if you slept well, and if everything is alright, it’s time for you then to revise your nutrition.

Try to go for aliments that will fade away all the stress and tiresome, and that can put you in a very good mood.

1- Food rich in vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 keeps mood troubles away as well as the disorder in the nervous system.

You can find these foods in salmon, salad, broccoli, spinach, and all green food.

2- It’s raining fruits and vegetables

We will never say it enough; eating fruits and vegetables keeps your body and mind in a good shape! When we say a good shape, it goes along with a good mood J

3- Food rich in selenium

Selenium is considered as an antioxidant. Indeed, antioxidants fight against stress avoiding hence seasonal blues. You can find selenium in beans, vegetables, meat, dairy products, nuts, hazelnuts, and sea food.

4- Fatty fish every week

Many recent studies have shown that people who eat fish many times/ week are less subject to blues. We can go for salmon, trout, sardine, or tuna.

5- Vitamin D everyday

If being out I sun makes you in a good mood, well it’s because the sun regulates the vitamin D existing in your body.

Recent studies have shown a link between bad mood and the deficiency in vitamin D.

So, even though there are few food rich in vitamin D, try to put some in your everyday meal. Also, think about taking a walk whenever it’s sunny outside.

Food with vitamin D: fatty fish, liver beef, egg yolk, and cheese.

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  1. Food is important for fitness. It is like fuel of human machine. So we should select quality foods for our meal. We must choose healthy meal plans to keep ourselves healthy and fit. Your article is helpful for health conscious people.