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5 practical ways to prevent cancer

CancerIt has become common knowledge that cancer makes more deaths every year; and this disease is linked to our life style.

Here are 5 ways to put all the chances on your side to avoid cancer.

1- Maintain your Body Mass Index to 25

A study has shown that women who accumulate weight risk 3 times more to get breast cancer.

In fact, extra weight obliges the body to produce more insulin and estrogen. These two elements stimulate cancers.

Hence, to reduce the risk, maintain your BMI at 25.

2- Eat more nuts

What we eat can have an actual impact on our health. A study published in the Nutrition and Cancer Magazine has shown that consuming two handfuls of nuts per day reduces cancer risks.

In fact, nuts are rich of polyphenol and contain twice antioxidants than other shell fruits.

3- Take vitamin D

According to a study done by the Gustave Roussy Institute, the breast cancer risks reduce down to 25% for women who have a high level of vitamin D.

Indeed, vitamin D encourages the disappearing of abnormal cells, it also increases the immunity, and stops the development of blood vessels which nourish tumors.

Finally, vitamin D can be assimilated to the body either by aliments (fish, eggs, meat…), or by sun exposition.

4- Minimize electrical and magnetic fields

Some researchers have shown a link between electric and magnetic fields (cell phones, power lines…) and the increase of cancer risks.

Try then, as often as you can, to reduce your exposition to these magnetic fields.

5- Reduce eating deli meats

Eating deli meats does not only give you extra weight, but it also increases your BMI, facilitating hence the risks to get colon cancer.

In fact, many studies have shown that the combination of 4 elements existing in the deli meat makes its consumption very dangerous: the coloring of deli meat, use of nitrites, the cooking, and the oxidation. These elements cause serious precancerous injuries in the colon.

However, the sooner you change your eating habits (fruits and vegetables), the better you will be protected.

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