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5 Ways to Turn a Small Space into a Great Place

small-spaces-at-homeSmall spaces can be really tricky to both live in and decorate. Truth is, they all seem cute and you want to believe that with proper arrangement you’ll make the space look twice as big, yet that’s not really the case. Still, this doesn’t mean you should give up entirely on the idea of decorating your space as amazingly as possible and giving it the visual depth it deserves.

Here are 5 great tips that will help you turn your matches’ box into an awesome place to live at!

1. Clear Out Clutter

This is probably the start of any good decorating and redecorating, especially when it comes to small spaces. Clutter will take away most of your space and once you clear it all out you’ll be amazed at how much space you were wasting with all the clutter. So, roll up your sleeves and start cleaning!

The way to clutter out any space is to first figure out what of all the stuff you own you actually need or want to keep. Old clothes you never wear but keep “just in case” definitely makes for a “throw away pile”. You can donate the clothes and things you don’t need to charity and make somebody happy while at the same time cleaning out your space. As for the things you plan on keeping, outfit every closet with a hanging shoe organizer; this type of hanger can hold not just pumps, but stuffed animals, magazines, beauty supplies, etc. Further, consider installing a shelving unit that fits behind a bedroom door. Such a storage unit is ideal for stowing anything that usually winds up on the floor, including books, board games, toys, etc.

2. Trick the Senses

Making your space look bigger and wider isn’t just about actually having a big space on your hands. Sometimes and often it’s about mastering decorating tricks that’ll contribute to the space looking just as you want it. For instance, consider opting for a striped floor as it will make a room appear to go on for miles. To enhance the effect, use an oversize mirror. See-through furniture such as pieces molded from Lucite or acrylic or glass-topped tables will fool the eyes. If you are looking to avoid the sense of visual clutter in your space then a trio of acrylic nesting tables may be just the option for you. If you are not a fan of see-through furniture you can always go with pieces that match your wall color within a shade or two as they take up less visual space.

3. Paint – A Great Way to Make a Statement

Most designers and interior decorators agree that the lighter walls you choose the wider space will look. Darker paint makes a room seem cozy, but they tend to give the illusion of less space and this is why – dark colors absorb the light while light colors reflect and multiply it. We suggest sticking with cream, beige, light grayish-blue and lavender if you are looking to make a room feel airy.

4. Edit Edit Edit

We have already mentioned de-cluttering spaces in order to make them bigger and more spacey. Well, this too relates to pieces of your furniture and collection items. As with any design and not just small spaces less IS more, try to edit as much as possible. You love your pieces no doubt there, but you simply cannot display everything at once. What you can do is divide the collection into groups and rotate in a new set depending on your mood/occasion/season. That way you get to keep all of your items and with each rotation of elements bring in the sense of novelty. Also, get rid of pieces of furniture that are never used and are just in a way. Compensate the “missing elements” with runner rug of warm colors to give the space personality.

5. Upgrade Your Lighting

Installing several lighting elements in every room is a great way to give your space the light it needs. If you are lucky and your space is filled with natural lightning, that’s amazing but then again once it get’s dark you need something to keep the light in. So, put soft bulbs (you can even opt for a color) in every light fixture and place them around the room. Dimmers are also great!

As you can see, to get the space of your dreams you will need to make some compromise but with some good planning and organizing, you’ll make it look like a place of your dreams!

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