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6 easy natural tips to lose weight faster

lose weight fast naturallyEither you’re on a diet or not, we present you today 6 tips that will help you lose weight faster or simply keep up a good shape. These natural tips are really easy; you might even be doing some in your daily life! In fact, we will show you how to avoid water retention and bloating, and to privilege draining and diuretic.

1 – Herbal infusions

During the day, either you’re on a diet or not, keep drinking water, herbal infusions or simply tea to eliminate all the toxins in your body. In fact you can take a mint infusion after meals to aid digestion, or herbal tea that can act as a diuretic such as the cherry tail herbal tea.

2 – Less meat and more vegetable proteins

In order to lose weight faster, eat less meat and replace it with tofu. This kind of protein is less heavy, with high fibers and less saturated fats. Go for cereals, dry fruits, vegetables, and fruits instead of a lot of meat.

3 – Less dairy products

Try to slow your consumption of dairy products for 15 days. Heavy dairy products are simply slow to digest. Also, the light ones cause lactose fermentation and make you feel bloated. You can choose soya yoghurt. Concerning cheese, you can eat goat cheese but a 30g/day portion.

lose weight fast4 – Salt, be careful!

It is known that any excess of salt consumption causes water retention. Be careful when salting your meals, stop buying precooked or frozen meals, as well as chips or salted snacks. Also, stop eating cheese, bread, soya sauce, and mustard. All these elements are considered as appetizers.

5 – Fruits for diuretic effects

Water+ fibers+ sorbitol (special sugar) are the components of fruits. These natural elements have diuretic effects. Eat 2 fruits / day; they will help you feel better, and eliminate toxins.

In summer, why don’t you go for peach, melon, watermelon, prunes…

6 – Low glycemic carbohydrates index

You can eat starches 2 times per day but at low glycemic carbs index. In fact, they are low in carbs, satiating, and full of energy that is burned immediately! You can choose between lenses, chickpeas, and white beans, and whole wheat.

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  1. Hi Hicham. I agree with the lose weight tips. But I cannot live without salt! thanks for helpful tips. I really need to get rid of some extra pounds.

  2. Very informative post. It is true, losing weight need not be as hard as people make it to be. The 6 point above show exactly that