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Brownie’s by LENÔTRE

Brownies lenotreThey have become the sweeties of modern times: their mixture of chocolate and walnuts is simply delicious.

We have selected for you this recipe from the famous master chocolatier LENÔTRE. We hope you will enjoy it!


– 75g dark chocolate
– 300g walnuts
– 100g flour
– 250g sugar powder
– 1 packet of vanilla sugar
– 75g butter
– 4 eggs


  • Melt the chocolate in a water bath (bain Marie). Coarsely chop the walnuts.
  • Soften the butter, and then add sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar. Mix energetically to obtain a smooth mixture.
  • Add the melt chocolate, the flour, and 100g of chopped walnuts.
  • Butter the ramekin, and cover its bottom with parchment paper then pour the mixture.
  • Crumble the rest of the walnuts on the top.
  • Cook for 30 minutes in the oven at 170°C (th.5).

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