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Explaining Heating and Cooling Systems Installed at your Home

Heating and Cooling SystemsMost houses have heating and cooling systems referred to as the HVAC equipment. HVAC describes Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The equipment takes care of the levels of humidity, and temperature. Thus, improving the quality of the indoor environment and making it comfortable for the habitants.

Heating, ventilating and cooling systems are of different kinds. The kind of equipment is decided on the basis of the area where it is installed, and the existing climate of that area. The duration and extremities of temperature in winter and summer are the essential factors determining the need for a heating and cooling system. The level of humidity also plays a vital role in the kind of equipment that will be required.

Heating Systems

It is important for individuals to add heat inside their home for a cozy atmosphere in the house in winters. Generally, the temperatures in winters are set at 66 to 70F keeping the optimum temperature at 68F. This temperature makes this house a very comfortable place to sit and relax. Listed below are some of the popular types of heating systems installed in households:

  • Forced Air: These are typically used in majority of households. A blower introduces air through a heat exchanger and increases the temperatures of the indoor environment of the house. Air conditioning systems can also be incorporated in these systems.
  • Heat Pump: There are various types of heat pumps, but the ones used commonly include air-source heat pump. These will provide hot and cool air to your home.
  • Hydronic: In this system, water is heated in a boiler and then dispersed across radiators placed in the house.
  • Radiant: A boiler is used to heat water. Once the water has been heated to an optimum level, it is dispersed through tubes installed in walls, floors, and ceilings of the house. These tubes warm the surfaces as a result of which the room is also heated by radiation.
  • Geothermal: Water or ground is used as a source of heat. This type can be used both as heating and cooling systems.
  • Electric: Heat is emitted due to electric heaters. These use electricity to generate heat and energy.

Cooling Systems

The purpose of the cooling system is to remove heat from your indoor space and dehumidify the air. Typically, the thermostat in summers is set at 74F to 80F with 78F being the optimum level. At this temperature, people can relax and feel comfortable.

Listed below are some of the common air conditioning systems installed in homes these days:

  • Forced Air: This is the most common kind of heating and cooling system that people opt for. The system has two coils – indoors and outdoors. A compressor disperses the refrigerant between the two coils, after which a blower removes the indoor heat and circulates it to the exterior coil from where it is absorbed by the outdoor air.  A ductwork system is used to circulate the cool air across the different parts of the house.
  • Ductless Split System: This system does not require ductwork. Just like the traditional split system but smaller in size, this unit provides an air handler in every room allowing every individual to have control over the temperature.


Ventilation is important to maintain the quality of indoor air, and to control the humidity levels at the same time. Heating and cooling systems at home are ideal for this task.

There must be ventilation in kitchen and bathrooms for removing odors and moisture. The dryers for the cloths also offer ventilation wherein moisture is released to the exterior. Never let clothes dryers vent to the interior as that may result in increased humidity levels which can tremendously add to the poor quality of indoor air.

This blog help you to learn everything about heating and cooling systems. If you still want to know more then visit us and get some more useful information.

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