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How To Avoid Weight Gain this Christmas

A recent study has shown the extra pounds we pile on with turkey, pudding, and mince pies take up to 3 months to go away!

Here are some tips to help you shed the extra weight.

1- 30 min Run can burn 450 calories…. that is 100g serving of Christmas pudding.


2- Cycling for 40 min at a moderate pace burns 180 calories…. One serving of roast turkey is 149 calories.

3- Housework for 35 min can burn around 110 calories…. Two mini sausage rolls amount to 180 calories.

4- Jogging for 15 min burns 220 calories…. One mince pie is 215 calories.

5- Re-gift food gifts that you received from your friends and family to other persons: chocolate, candy, pies, food.… It will help you avoid getting more pounds.

6- Cut out just 300 calories a day: a candy bar, chocolate, a latte, or a dessert. In fact you need to burn 3000 calories to lose one pound, in that way you will lose by the end of January without even trying!

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  1. This post just goes to confirm to me why I’d rather do exercises to lose weight rather than starving myself. Simple exercises like cycling and jogging can go a long way.