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How To Decorate Your Home The Best Possible Way

modern-home-decorationA house can be just about any person’s dwelling but in order for you to call it your home, you need to be able to convert it into your very own space — a structure which has your imprint all over it and exudes with the very same aura that you put out. For first time homeowners and those who haven’t really put much thought into what makes a house a home, this process of transformation can be a very difficult one. No need to fret though; below are easy tips to follow so that you can decorate your home with lots of love and warmth.

1 – Decorate your aspirations and inspirations

One way that you can always be reminded of what you want to achieve and have achieved in life is to decorate using items which remind exactly of these things. Were you raised in a farm and have always been a farm girl by heart? If so, then have a picture of your childhood home framed and place it next to the foyer so that you can be reminded of where you came from every time you step into your new home. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of going to Paris like almost everyone else in the world. Then put up a frame of the Eiffel Tower and be motivated to smile a little brighter and work a little harder to get to your dream destination.

2 – Have a map in your living room and dot it

If you’re the traveler at heart, then you ought to pick out a map, have it framed against a corkboard and then mount it on the wall of your living room. Then, together with your kids or partner or just yourself, dot the different cities and countries that you wish to visit in the future. This can be some sort of inspiration board for those who want to travel the world. At the same time, you can also dot the places which you have already been to. The daily sight of your map will be a reminder of how you need to work hard at getting to the places that you’ve dreamed of going.

3 – Find some great quotes and sayings, and post them

And not on just on your social media wall but on the very walls of your home, too. We all try to live by certain principles which we do our best to adhere too. However, sometimes, the world can get very rowdy and when this happens, we forget about all of these life quotes that we so try to pattern our life on. So why not give yourself daily reminders of how kinder and more patient you ought to be by posting these sayings. You also have a great time at flea markets by hunting for these posters and framed sayings.

4 – Make a picture gallery off one of your blank walls

And to further add a whimsical feeling, print the pictures in a sepia tone so that they have an old but warm feel to them.

Lyn Parkins loves giving tips and ideas about home decors and furniture fix. She used to work as interior designer in a company and started opening her new consulting firm. She enjoys sharing her new finds at Nick Scali

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