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How To Reduce And Manage Stress

manage-stressStress can have a major impact on your life. Whether it’s caused by work, education or family, letting it get out of control can have detrimental effects on your health. Some people can manage and deal with stress or are unaffected by it. For those who do suffer from stress, it can lead to a disturbed sleeping pattern, loss of appetite or mouth ulcers. Letting stress go unchecked and uncontrolled can affect other aspects in your life such as work, relationships even if they are not the cause. There are, however, ways that you can treat and reduce stress. Following these tips can help lead to a happy and healthy sense of well-being.

1. Identify the causes

“Knowing is half the battle”. Make a list of things, places or people that can aggravate you and cause stress. You may notice that a pattern starts to emerge. Once you have identified the causes, it will allow you to confront the problem be it through discussing with a friend/family member or finding a solution to the problem. Once you recognise what it that stresses you, it can help you prepare for the anticipated situation though initiating relaxation techniques. We’ll discuss one of them in the following tip.

2. Breathing techniques

Deep breathing is a good technique to apply when facing a stressful situation.
Taking in a long slow breath and letting it out, while focusing on where the breath is coming from and controlling the pace of breath out can help relax you. Another benefit is that it distracts you from the situation as you concentrate on breathing, the speed and how you are breathing.

3. Exercise

As well as the physical benefits, exercise can also aid in enhancing mental well-being. Physical activities such as going to the gym or playing sports with friends can also serve as a distraction from stressful situations. Maintaining your physical health can be beneficial for your mental health by releasing endorphins that promote a good mood. Plan at least thirty minutes of exercise a day and can be anything from a brisk walk or a bike ride. Lack of sleep, caused by stress, can be treated with regular exercise.

4. Massage therapy

A good way of reducing stress and anxiety is by treating yourself to a relaxation treatment. A popular therapy when it comes to stress is having a massage. A qualified and experienced therapist can employ techniques aimed primarily at relaxing the mind and body through the ‘feel good’ factor. Stress often causes the body to tense up and a massage focuses on those tense muscles and eases them. This therapy is also effective at treating a range of other physical conditions. Alternatively, electronic massage devices can be handy if you are unable to have a massage therapist and can be used at any given time.

Other helpful stress reducing techniques include meditation, taking time out to relax and focus on positive things. Having a balanced diet can also vastly reduce stress levels, ensuring you are eating properly can have positive effects on your health. There are companies that deal in a range of equipment designed to help reduce stress and to enhance a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

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