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How To Wash Your Windows Safely

clean-windows-outsideMost of the routine chores can be done with a bit of elbow grease, but what about some of the more out-of-the-way tasks? It’s always possible to hire someone to clean the outside of your windows. Before pulling out the phone book or looking through flyers, consider the following tips and tools to help you do the job yourself.

1 – Replacement windows make things easier

If you have replacement windows in your home, cleaning them requires a different set of steps than for non-replacement windows. Replacement window panes can be removed from the casement and put back easily. If you’re not sure whether your home came with replacement windows, check for latches that neither lock sliding panes or are part of the hinge system.

The steps to cleaning them are as follows:

  • Remove screen door carefully
  • Remove the replacement pane
  • Rinse with soap and water, or as the manufacturer suggested
  • Return the pane into its slot, but make sure that the latches have locked so that it stays in place
  • Put the screen back

2 – Keep a steady stance

Cleaning windows on the second floor from the outside may tempt some to take shortcuts. Standing on the roof or hanging precariously on the edge could easily lead to an accident, especially since you’re pushing to clean in the opposite direction that would keep you safe. Scrubbing a window essentially requires you to push away from your body weight. Anyone who’s spent enough time on a ladder would know that it’s important to keep your body weight steady and directly over where they stand.

3 – Extending your reach

There are two main methods of getting to the windows on the second floor. You can rent or buy a tall ladder or buy an extension pole for scrubbing. The benefits of having a tall ladder is less arm strength will be required for cleaning. You also will be able to see what areas need more scrubbing, because you’ll be able to see difficult stains that remain after scrubbing. Unfortunately, you may not have the storage space to keep a tall ladder. Additionally, you may not be able to reach all windows, especially if certain parts of the roof are recessed. Furthermore, the ladder should be balanced on stable ground, preferably a stone path or walkway. Putting your ladder on soft earth may damage grass or gardens.

The extension pole will require more effort, but you’ll sacrifice dexterity. If possible, you could arrange for a helper who stands on the other side of the window, signally which areas to focus on. Because you won’t be able to target trouble areas and apply more force, stubborn stains might not be removed from cleaning. To help target dirt and dust, wet the area first and allow the water to soak in. Cleaning windows with a squeegee will be difficult to manage, so you’re more likely to use a sponge or microfibre material.

If the windows are untouched for years or if you are remodelling from the scratch, it is always better to hire a professional window cleaning service. It will save you a lot of time to check through other works.

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