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How to work with a third party recruiter to find a job

third party recruitersFor the many people in the nation who are unemployed, the use of a third party recruiter could make a huge difference in the hiring process. Third party recruiters work closely with unemployed individuals, interviewing them and helping them hone their skills for certain positions. These recruiters work closely with HR professionals, learning exactly what type of person their company is in need of and the recruiter does the initial work by searching to find a candidate. The relationship between HR professionals and third party recruiters is vital and there are a few ways to help make that relationship a positive one.

Keys to Success

1 – Communication

As with any relationship, communication is vital for success. When speaking with a third party recruiter about a position, be sure to be specific in regards to what you are looking for in a job. If there are certain fields that you wish to work then make those known. The recruiter works closely with an HR professional and will know if there are positions available that meet your criteria. It is better to be completely honest with your recruiter initially so that they can help you find the perfect position.

2 – Up to date

When meeting with your recruiter for the first time, be sure to bring an updated resume and list of references that they can pass along to the HR personnel they are working with. By passing along your resume, the recruiter is stating that they believe you have the ability to do the job. Include at least three professional references and their contact information. This extra effort will help convince the recruiter that you are serious about the position and encourage them to represent you to the end company. The recruiters are put in place to weed out people that they do not think will work for the end company so be sure to be transparent and open with your responses during your interview.

3 – Relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with your third party recruiter is important and doing so will increase your chances of getting suggested for a particular position. If you interview for a job but do not get it, ask questions as to why you were not chosen. Instead of getting upset and giving up on the recruiting process, look at the interview as an opportunity to hone your skills. Remember that the recruiter does not have the ability to ultimately accept or reject you for a position so you should not take your frustration out on them. Ask them if they can get reasons as to why you were not chosen to gain a better understanding of potential changes that need to be made.

4 – Stay in touch

After meeting with the recruiter, stay in contact with them. Every few weeks check in with the recruiters to see if any new potential positions have opened. By staying in contact you will stay on their radar and will show that you are determined, hardworking and focused on finding a new job.

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