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Kidney stones: sodas and sweet juices pointed as high risk!

Kidney stonesRecent studies have shown that drinking a soda per day or sweetened juices increase the risk of getting kidney stones by 23%.

It is a known fact that to keep your kidneys in a good state, you should drink a lot of liquids. But once again, it is important to choose the right drink that will take as some can be good and others can be bad.

In fat, according to a study held by the doctors of Boston Hospital and published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, subjects who drink tea, coffee, or orange juice all day long have less risks of getting kidney stones. On the other hand, subjects who drink sodas or sweet juices have a higher risk!

This study have been conducted by Dr Gary Curhan on 194 000 subjects during 8 years. The doctors observed that people who drink a soda or sweet juice / day have more risks for kidney stones than those who have one soda or sweet drink / week.

If you already knew that your pancreas doesn’t like sodas, well please note that nor does your kidney! The amount of sugar in these drinks favors diabetes and obesity which cause kidney stones.

Hence, it seems after all that water is the drink that remains harmless and most beneficial for the body to hydrate.

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