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Myths about Mold and 5 Tips to remove it effectively

remove moldThere are many variations of mold and many myths that go along with those variations. Today. Let’s bust some of these myths.

Myth 1 : Mold that grows inside your home is toxic

Actually, indoor mold itself is not toxic at all. There are only a few types of mold that are dangerous to inhale. The health problems that come with indoor mold are due to allergies, not necessarily toxins. The term “black mold” may be familiar, and this type of mold does release toxins into the air. Many kinds of indoor mold may look black and be easily confused with the toxic strand. Either way, having mold within your home is never good because it could trigger allergies within your friends or family. Having all mold removed from inside your home is an important step to take.

Myth 2 : Mold is only present when you can see it

Mold can be present inside your home even if you do not see any traces of the mold spores. Mold emits a musty odor and will do so before there are any physical signs of its presence. If you notice a strange smell around your house, start looking for moisture. Mold grows in moist areas so locating the water source is an indicator of where the mold is living.

Myth 3 : Mold can be completely eliminated with bleach

Many people believe that mold can be completely eliminated by using bleach. Not only is bleach not environmentally safe, it is also not a safe solution to removing large amounts of mold. Surfaces such as fabrics, upholstery and drywall must be removed completely from your home since these are porous and will absorb the moisture.

How to remove mold effectively

Cleaning up mold is the initial step towards living in a healthier environment. Since mold is a living organism, it does not want to die but wants to live and multiply.

1 – If the mold is on something that absorbs water like food or drywall, the surface will have to be discarded.

2 – If the mold is on a washable fabric, then it needs to be washed immediately.

3 – If you do decide to use bleach to clean up a mold spot, be sure that the area has good ventilation since the fumes from bleach are extremely dangerous.

4 – Mold requires moisture to grow so making sure there are no leaks in your home can dramatically reduce your risk of mold invasion.

5 – Fix leaky pipes and patch leaks from the roof as soon as you notice the problem. Removing the mold is good but preventing it from returning is better.

Getting Help

If you realize you have a mold problem and need someone to help, make sure you call the professionals!

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