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Our body cure after a New Year’s celebration

New Year Body CureTo find your tonus after a festivity period rich in calories and poor in sleep, you need to compensate and refuel energy!

Here are some tips easy and simple to follow:

1- We avoid red meat, dairy products, eggs, heavy sauces, and sweeties.

This kind of food is heavy to digest. Hence, you can introduce five aliments per day in your food: apples, tofu, avocado, beets…

2- We fight stress and lack of sleep which tend to increase cortisol secretion.

In fact, this increase causes extra weight especially at the belly area.

So, take some time for you and go for a massage or a yoga class to breathe and chase stress away!

3- We plan a regular activity: a 30 minutes’ walk in the morning while your belly is still empty. That way, you draw on your body reserves.

4- We drink 1.5 liters of water per day or compensate by herbal tea (especially green tea). This water allows the body to purify from all the toxins.

5- We socialize! For the next coming days and hopefully forever, we take our meal with colleagues or friends.

That way, instead of eating lunch in 10 minutes, it will take us 20 minutes, enough to enjoy our meal in a healthy way.

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