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Plants That Don’t Need Much Light

Although the warm weather is here, too much of it can be just as bad as cold weather. Too much sun doesn’t work for some plants, and today we will show you which those plants who love semi dark spaces are.

We all think that’s impossible to find plants that work in semi dark spaces, because light is a very important factor that is needed for photosynthesis. We present you four beautiful plants that don’t need much light to grow and thrive.

The reason these plants work in these spaces is that they have adapted to it in their natural environment to living in the shadows.

Common maidenhair - AdiantumCommon maidenhair (Adiantum)

Unlike the other three, this plant looks gentle, and it’s smaller. So it is going to be first. It just makes you take care of it because it is so fragile and gentle looking.

Keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Water it regularly, the earth should always be moist, because otherwise the leaves will dry up. It can grow up to 40 centimeters and it is very easy to maintain. The part above the ground can be left alone so it gets a kind of wild look, but you can also cut the branches at the bottom so it looks more sophisticated.


It is a complete opposite of the previous plant. It looks like it can do everything on it’s own, so people who have it often forget about it and leave it in some semi dark space without water and food. Despite that, it still lives, and it truly loves it. That’s why this is a great plant for people who don’t have enough time and who can’t really make plants in their home work. Aspidistra will make your home richer.


It is a very tall plant, and it grows up to a meter, even higher. It has wide leaves on the top, and as it grows, it gradually loses the bottom leaves. It looks kind of awkward, without any sophistication.

We’re talking about Dracaena Fragrans, that can take half dark space, unlike Dracaena Marginata. Keep the earth moist, and in the winter let it dry before watering. It doesn’t need too much water. Put in the dark corner of the living room.


This plant is similar to Aspidistra, you could say they are sisters considering how simple it is to grow them both. And because of that simplicity in care, it is a favorite in many homes and households. It is a climber plant by nature, and it can grow up to 150 cm, so it needs a spacious room.

Keep it away from direct sunlight. It would be best if you put it in a dark living room in which there’s little light during the day. Or you can just put it in another room and shut the Double Roller Blinds half way. In the summer water it regularly and spray it with water during great heat waves. Never leave it standing in the water during the winter.

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