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How to choose a web hosting service / provider

If you own a website and are about to publish it, web hosting is what you need. Choosing the right web hosting product and company is very vital to your experience. Many factors are to take into consideration : 1 – Price This is the factor most of us will look at ...

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Top 10 tips for safe internet shopping

Buying online is definitely convenient, but it pays to follow tips for safe internet shopping. There are a lot of scams that you have to watch out for, and a lot of people out to steal your cash. So, as a consumer, you have to do everything you can to ...

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Top 10 best Internet Security solutions for 2013

The choice of an antivirus software is a personal decision, based on your own taste. However comparatives will surely help you make your choice. How does the antivirus software perform in third-party tests? What features does it have that pertain to my needs? Does it provide support during the times ...

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