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Heat Stroke Symptoms, How To Prevent It, And How To Fix It

During summer, there’s a real possibility of excessive heat. As professional drivers who spend hours in an enclosed cab in the street and the heat, there’s a real risk of getting heat stroke. The chances of this happening are further worsened if your truck breaks down on the road and there’s ...

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SOS tips to stay on top during summer

During summer, we tend to neglect some parts of our body and care more about our look and make up. However, it is necessary to take care of your hair, skin, and feet so you don’t regret it after the holidays. 1 – SOS: My hair is dry Usually, after ...

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5 ideas to decorate your table for summer

During summer, outdoors meals and family gathering become more frequent ! if you wish to blow your guests with a fabulous decoration that won’t take long time or efforts, here are 5 ideas we suggest to you to decorate your table for summer. Enjoy! 1 – An old container If you have ...

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4 simple exercises to manage stress during your holiday

We all long for summer holidays after weeks and weeks of hard work! Yet, when holidays are finally here, we are usually so stressed that we don’t benefit fully of our vacation. We suggest to you 4 simple and easy exercises that you can practice during your holiday which will ...

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Food poisoning cases double over the summer, be careful !

Food poisoning is usually mild, and most people get better within a week. But sometimes it can be more severe, even deadly, so it’s important to take the risks seriously. Children, older people and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to food poisoning. “The safest option is to cook food indoors ...

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