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Top 10 best laptop computers for 2013

laptop evaluationWhen you want to buy a laptop, you need to specify the type of tasks you will most frequently perform. Checking email, browsing the internet and listening to music does not require anything too powerful. However, if you’ll play games, edit videos, design graphics,  etc, you need a laptop with enough hard drive space and RAM, a strong graphic card and processor…

How to choose a laptop is not an easy question. Below are the criteria we used to evaluate laptop computers.


The best laptops have a fast and powerful processor. Besides, the operating system should perform well and needs to be user friendly. A powerful graphics card is also essential.


Each laptop offers different physical dimensions, but the main purpose of a laptop remains its portability.

Feature Set

The top laptops on the market generally include several connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, you will find most have options for a webcam and a built-in microphone for video chats or web conferences.

Warranty & Support

Before you buy, look at the warranty for the device. Most computers feature a one-year warranty, but some may offer more, along with extended warranty options. Also,  you need a company with customer-service representatives you can contact in case of issues.

Evaluation :

Laptop Overall rating Performance Design Feature Set Warranty & Support
1- HP Envy dv6t 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
2- Apple MacBook Pro 9.35 9.38 9.38 10.00 7.50
3- Dell XPS 15z 9.20 8.75 9.38 10.00 8.13
4- Apple MacBook Air 9.00 9.38 8.75 9.40 7.50
5- Sony VAIO S Series 9.00 8.75 9.38 9.00 8.75
6- ASUS K73E 8.85 9.38 8.13 8.75 9.38
7- Toshiba Satellite P870 8.63 8.75 8.75 8.75 7.50
8- Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 8.48 8.13 7.50 10.00 8.75
9- Dell Inspiron i17R 8.15 8.75 6.25 9.38 8.75
10- Sony VAIO E15 Series 8.03 8.13 6.25 10.00 8.13

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  1. Apple MacBook Air is the best! That is what I am using for my online job right now. Good specifications and very handy! I can bring it anywhere!

  2. Hp laptops are the best for online work. i use one and it’s very handy.