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The Top 10 Property Investment Mistakes

With the demand for, and cost of, housing seemingly always on the rise, investing in property is a tempting prospect. It’s not a guaranteed money spinner, however, so look before you leap and avoid falling into the many traps awaiting the novice investor. 1 – Poor planning Remember the old ...

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Home Ownership for those with Poor Credit

One of the most important financial goals for many people is home ownership. No one wants to continue renting each and every month and putting money into a property without receiving any long term returns. It obviously makes more sense to put money towards mortgage payments than towards rent, but ...

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How to impress a mortgage lender

Getting a home loan has become harder since 2008. Many lenders have now a strict process and they will deny your application if you don’t meet their requirements. Applying for a home loan is likely the biggest financial move you’ll ever make, so you have to understand the different ways to impress ...

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7 ways to help your house sell faster

If your home has been on the real estate market for several months, perhaps it’s time to explore ways to help your house sell faster. With stricter lending guidelines, it’s become increasingly difficult for people to secure mortgage loans. In addition, some housing markets have seen an influx of available ...

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