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Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies for 2015

Auto-InsuranceIf you drive a vehicle, you must have some form of auto insurance coverage. Auto insurance providers are a business, so you have to do some research to get the right coverage without overspending.

There are too many factors to look for, the major ones are :


Most insurance providers offer liability coverage, and this is the minimum coverage you are required to have. It will protect you if you’re at fault for an accident and you collide with someone or someone’s property. Other coverage options to look for are collision, underinsured motorist, comprehensive, emergency roadside service and rental reimbursement.

Quote Options

Most providers invite you to get an online quote on their website. Some give comparison quotes to other companies. Sometimes, you can get quotes over the phone. As for mobile mobile, some insurance providers have devlopped apps to make it easy for their customers to get quotes and helpful information.


Discounts are always good as they help you make big saves in your quotes. Most auto insurance companies offer a variety of discounts. If you have for example multiple cars under one policy, you may get a discount. Better drivers also get discounts…

Customer Service

If you have a low cost insurance with poor customer service, dealing with representatives will cause you a headache. You have to make sure you can contact them easily (phone, mail) and they will make it for you to renew, manage your policy and handle your claims promptly. Tthe best companies have 24/7 phone service.


Top 10

Rating Coverage Customer Service Discounts Quote Options
1- State Farm 9.45 10.00 9.75 8.50 9.63
2- Geico 9.43 10.00 9.25 9.28 9.63
3- Progressive 9.10 10.00 8.13 9.75 10.00
4- USAA 8.95 10.00 9.70 7.13 8.63
5- Allstate 8.73 10.00 8.00 8.75 9.63
6- AAA 8.30 10.00 8.75 7.13 7.25
7- Ensurance 7.78 10.00 6.88 7.50 8.75
8- Nationwide 7.78 10.00 6.88 7.50 8.63
9- Liberty Mutual 7.60 9.75 5.88 8.75 8.75
10- Farmers Insurance 7.55 10.00 6.05 7.50 9.63

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  1. Wow. I’m surprised Geico got such a good rating. I had heard negative things about them from friends but maybe they were just upset in general.

  2. I have to wonder about this one? Geico? I have heard a lot negative things about them and I am surprised to see USAA so low on the list. A M Best and Moody’s have them number one on a consistent basis.

  3. Policyholder benefits, great customer service and timeliness of claims are the top 3 factors I always consider in choosing an auto insurance policy. If the price of the insurance policy compensates well with the benefits a holder can get, I believe it is a good investment. Thank you, Hicham for sharing your list of the top 10 best car insurance companies for 2013. – Juliet

  4. They must have used different categories or factors in evaluating various auto insurance companies. Maybe that’s the reason why GEICO is on top of the list.

    • They do. Each company has determining factors and each are weighed differently which is why you get different rates from different companies.