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5 benefits of Learning Games for Kids on Smartphones

The Learning Games for Kids can be a great way to instill the love of learning for children from an early age. Of course it’s not wise to let your toddlers play a virtual game all day as they also need to practice physical activities and be dynamic. But the benefits of educational games are numerous, we can list some :

1 – Strengthen the memory of children

In addition to the puzzle games for kids, educational games stimulate the memory of the little ones during the learning, while opening the game and selecting the levels, the process of changing the options …

2 – Getting to know the technology

We live in a world where technology dominates every nook and cranny of our existence. Allowing a child to manipulate a phone at a young age, while maintaining a balance of use, contributes to his quick and uncomplicated familiarization with tools that he will use throughout his life.

3 – Boost intellectual abilities

Games usually require quick thinking. This is how the child takes his first steps in the development of simple strategies that will become more complex depending on the level of the game. As he grows up, the child will develop his intelligence, his logic, his sense of detail and his reflection.

4 – Develop coordination between the hand and the eye

When playing, the child must click on objects he sees on the smartphone’s touch screen at specific times. He learns then to interact with the outside world in a synchronous way.

5 – Learn

What will undoubtedly push the majority of parents to install a learning game for their kids is, far from being a moment of tranquility without the excitement of the babies :), the fact that the child can just learn (the alphabet, counting, shapes, colors, animals, fruits and vegetables, means of transport,…).

Final word: If you are looking for an educational game for your kids, we recommend on Android :

On iOS (iPhone / iPad) :

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