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5 Things you should Know about Laundry Detergents

Laundry DetergentsWashing our clothes is a chore we deal with all the time, for the simply fact that it’s necessary to wash our clothes. This doesn’t even need to be said. In order to achieve perfectly clean clothes, most people often buy commercial detergents  from the store. Indeed, there is a broad choice and hundreds of brands you can pick a product from. These days there are many types of laundry detergents – powder or liquid ones, big or small packs, scented or not, safe for babies, eco or containing chemicals, even home-made ones. We think we know it all about the detergents we buy but the truth is that there are many facts we are not aware of. We simply want them to do the job and answer our needs. Well, here are some facts about laundry detergents that you might be interested to know. This is what we have learned about the products we wash our clothes with.

1. Cold Water

It is commonly accepted as a fact that laundry detergents are better dissolved and thus work better in warm or hot water. However, this is something that can be argued about. The truth is that after tests, made in the United States a few years ago, the results show that laundry products actually have a better effect in cold water. It’s a fact that people prefer using cooler water in order not to damage their clothes in very hot water. The response of manufacturers was to start producing laundry detergents that are specially designed to work in cold water. However, any kind of laundry cleaning product works perfectly fine in cooler temperatures. So, next time you are worried about washing a piece of clothing that is made of sensitive materials, simply wash it in cold water. The results will be as satisfying as if you wash them in warm water.

2. Pricey Does Not Mean Better

It is often considered that inexpensive products are less effective. That’s why many people invest in costly laundry detergents, without realising that this does not always guarantee better quality. Some people make home-made laundry detergents, which appear much cheaper. At the same time, by making the product yourself, you know exactly what is there in it, which is very important.

3. Convenience Is Not Always More Expensive

There are many types of laundry detergents in both liquid and solid form, that everyone can choose form. The packing is important in terms of convenience, meaning that it’s much easier to throw a detergent pod in the washing machine and be ready with it within seconds, instead of adding detergent and measuring the amount that is needed for one load. Not that the latter will take you forever, but the first option is simply more convenient and faster.

4. There Are No Magical Laundry Detergents

Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter what brand you buy and how powerful the detergent is, the truth is that there isn’t a product that can effectively remove absolutely every type of stains. There are some really tough stains that, unfortunately, can’t be washed off your clothes, even with the best detergent on the market.

5. Eco Detergents Are Improving

Compared to a few years ago, many more people and companies like DPC Power Cleaners Kensington have started to use natural cleaning products. Green laundry detergents are plant-based and ecologically-friendly. This is why there are still people, who consider such detergents less effective. The truth here is that eco products have made a significant improvement and keep on getting better. Green laundry detergents that have been tested recently, show that they can do as effective job as a traditional chemical-based product can in terms of removing stains.

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