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Best Types of Power Banks for your On-the-go powering needs

The fastest growing type of charging electronic on the market is power banks. The reason for that is quite simple, and it’s the fact that power banks are portable chargers that you’re able to take anywhere with you. Most us use USB wall chargers and it makes sense to use them because USB chargers have many charging ports, they offer fast charging and they’re easy to use. The main flaw with them, though, is the device that you’re charging with a USB wall charger must stay close to the charger itself. That can be frustrating if you have things to do and places to be.

Power banks are the best charging solution because you’re free to go wherever you want and do the things you want without compromising time or a low battery life.

With all that said, with power banks growing very quickly with there are now lots of charging electronic companies that now selling power banks. That has resulted in a lot of innovation happening over the years and the outcome is many different types of power bank. In this article, I’ll be going over the main types of power banks that are the most useful.

Power banks that have built-in cables

Charging cables are vital for charging, in fact, every charging electronic that you use needs charging cables. Wireless chargers even need charging cables for them to be powered and charge your smartphone. With that said, when it comes to power banks, you’re going to want a charging cable with it at all times; because if you forget to bring a charging cable, then you’re basically stuck with an unusable piece of portable power.

That is why there are power banks that have built-in charging cables, as these types of power banks are always reliable. All you have to do is just choose the power bank that has your type of cable that you use the most and then you’re able to charge your smartphone at all times. There are also some power banks with built-in charging cables that have more than that. Meaning that some even have multiple built-in cables, a USB charging port to use with any charging cable, and also ways that are built-in to recharge the power bank.

Rugged Power banks

Power banks that are tough are among the best to own if you’re always scared to damage your charging electronics. The reason for that is because, just like smartphones, most power banks are fragile. If you drop a power bank onto the hard ground or get it exposed to lots of water, then it’s most likely going to get damaged.

With that said, that’s why Rugged power banks exist, as these types of portable chargers have a build quality that allows them to survive things that would break just any other power bank. They have reinforcements that are able to take shock damage in the event of a fall, so they’re shockproof. They also have charging port cover that makes these Rugged power banks waterproof. However, it’s important to know that waterproofing is not the same for all Rugged power banks as some have been able to survive splashes of water, while other can be fully submerged and still be functional.

Low Capacity and High Capacity Power Banks

The two main types of power banks that basically all power banks are based on are ones that are low and high power capacities.

A low power capacity power bank are the type that is the most used. Since they have low power capacities, it means that there are fewer batteries being used and a number of batteries being used are quite less. Ultimately, that makes the power bank small; so small that these types of power banks are able to fit into your pocket very easily, as well as being able to be held while you charge your smartphone.

Then there are power banks that have high power capacities and these ones hold a lot more power, but they’re also used a lot less. High capacity power banks aren’t used nearly as much because they use more batteries and the batteries that are used are larger. As a result, the power bank is larger and heavier. Not too many of these are able to fit into your pocket and neither are they comfortable to hold for long periods of time because of their heavy weight.

What high capacity power banks do very well though, is that they can charge devices multiple times to full power; as well as be able to charge many devices at once. With that said, since these types of power banks have many ports, they also use special charging tech like Quick Charge and USB-C, which are able to charge compatible devices very quickly.

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