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Cheap Gas – Does It Affect the Performance and Longevity of Your Car?

cheap gasThe energy crisis is real. All fuel products including gasoline and diesel have become too expensive for some car owners. Even established car shops such as Subaru Clinic can attest to it. This scenario can tempt you to consider dropping your car from your list of expense-incurring items. But because a vehicle is a necessity, you will be forced to find alternatives, and the best you can possibly do is to find a way to reduce costs on gas. The easiest solution to this would be to buy cheap gas from off-brand gas stations.

You might be suspicious that unpopular gas brands can do more harm than good to your car’s engine. This makes you quite hesitant to decide because you are worried about its consequences which can mean more losses. Can cheap gas really do harm to your car?

Cheap Gas Does Not Hurt Your Car

According to experts connected with the American Automobile Association (AAA), using cheap gas is not actually harmful to your car. Modern technology has already made cars able to adjust itself with the the type of gas you’re putting into your tank. You might not be able to notice the difference in performance between different brands because of this innovation in engineering. This is a fact.

Even if the usability of cheap gas is proven by experts in the automotive industry, many car owners, especially the ones who own new units, prefer to pay more for the popular gas brands. They are still reluctant to try cheap gas because they “want to keep their cars in good condition for as long as possible,” which is not really the case. Well, it’s their choice. They just want to make sure. They don’t want to experiment with their own car and most importantly, they want to have peace of mind. For owners of old cars who are not as concerned about their car’s longevity as new car owners, this should be an interesting idea.

The Difference between Cheap and Branded Gas

Although cheap gas works fairly the same as the more expensive brands, this doesn’t necessarily imply that all gasoline brands regardless of price are the same. All gasoline brands are made from one and the same source which is the base gas that comes from a refinery. Before base gas is sold to various distributors, it is pre-mixed with additives that clean the car engine to reduce emissions. Different gas companies put their own additives to enhance the engine’s cleaning performance. This is where the difference in price begins.

Off brand gases, although cheap, are already mixed with additives to protect the engine and the environment pursuant to government standards. Branded gases put their own additives in order to make a marketing leverage that their brand is superior. “Using inexpensive gas won’t really hurt your car,” says John Nielsen, AAA director of engineering and repair.

If you really want to make sure what type of gas is ideal for your car, you should look it up in your car owner’s manual. The gas the manufacturer recommends should be the right type for your vehicle. Following the manual should give you peace of mind. You may also seek the advice of car experts such as the Subaru mechanic Denver car owners love to call.

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