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Simple And Healthy Breakfasts

simple-healthy-breakfastAlthough health experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to prepare it each morning. It often seems simpler to stop by a fast-food joint on the way to work or simply skip breakfast altogether. Thankfully, though, there are simple and healthy homemade options that you can try instead. Here are a few breakfast options you should consider.

1 – Fruit Smoothies

Invest in a blender so you can quickly whip up delicious and healthy smoothies in a matter of minutes. You can make a plain fruit smoothie by blending some frozen strawberries with bananas and berries. You can add a bit of pizzazz by adding milk, yogurt, peanut butter or honey. There are hundreds of smoothie recipes, from blackberry-peach to honey-banana with a hint of nutmeg. If you’re feeling extra healthy, you can even try something like a broccoli-spinach-apple smoothie. Regardless of what you choose to make, fruit smoothies are the perfect breakfast food because they’re healthy, ready in minutes, and incredibly filling!

2 – Parfaits

Create a delicious parfait by layering yogurt, granola, and fresh berries in a glass or bowl. You can experiment with various types of yogurt and granola to see what you like best. You can even make homemade granola the night before if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to store-bought brands.

3 – Fruit, fruit, fruit

Create a tasty fruit cup by mixing together seasonal fruits such as blueberries and peaches or pineapple and mango. Cut up a watermelon or cantaloupe the night before so you can eat some for breakfast and take some to work. If you have a local farmer’s market, you can buy lots of organic and homegrown fruits there. You can also buy sugar-free juices such as Naked Juice or Juicy Juice to take as a mid-morning snack. Dried fruit such as bananas and apricots not only make a tasty addition to your morning cereal or oatmeal, but also serve as a healthy mid-morning snack. Fruit is expensive, but its health benefits are immeasurable. Don’t be afraid to spend extra money on fruits that provide endless health benefits for you and your family. The one downside of fruit is that it isn’t very filling, so you may have to eat bigger portions to fill full. But it’s still a great way to start your morning, whether as the main course for breakfast or part of a bigger meal.

4 – Whole-Grain Foods

Purchase some whole-grain cereals or oatmeal to eat for breakfast (don’t forget the dried fruit topping!) Baked oatmeal is another great option that doesn’t take too much effort. Whole-wheat bagels, English muffins, or toast are also a great breakfast option. You can serve them alongside scrambled eggs or an omelet or enjoy them plain. If you have time, you can make simple recipes such as whole-grain pancakes or muffins!

Trying any of all of these suggestions will guarantee that you’ll get your morning -and 2014- off to a great start!

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Kendra Smith is a food blogger who loves trying and creating new recipes and eating healthy meals.

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