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Top 5 Methods for Turning Your Blog into a Money-Making Machine

make money blogBlogs are one those typical 21st century phenomena. Today literally everybody can get a chance to express themselves literarily. What you need are some basic writing skills, to be able to make meaningful sentences and interesting texts. However, you have to know that the mere pleasure of writing and running a blog will not make money. It is some extra features added to the blog that can bring a steady income.

1 – Consulting services

The great thing about having a blog is that there are so many platforms that offer free blog templates, as well as some free themes. That way you can launch a blog without any expenses. So, if you are a fully employed expert in a certain niche, the blog can be your additional hobby. You can write about things from your niche and offer different services. For instance, a dermatologist can give advice to their readers through some interesting blog posts. That way your blog can become a popular online venue that will bring money from ads or some other features described later in this text.

2 – Hiring a pro writer

You do not have to be an expert to be able to write about a niche. However, this narrows down the number of topics you should be dealing with. It goes without saying that writing about medicine, architecture and food should not be done by people who are not educated in those fields. Nevertheless, you can always hire professional writers and that way ensure high quality of the written content on the blog. When you provide useful and perfectly written posts, the potential for making money grows, too. Here you can have a look at the list of websites offering bloggers’ services.

3 – Selling products

When the content you produce is informative, relying on relevant sources, the readers will recognize its value. Now that you have gained their trust, you can start selling products related to the field about which you write. For example, if you run a tennis blog, you can contact some manufacturers of tennis equipment and start offering their products on your blog. That way they will get promoted by a renowned blog and you will get a chance to make some extra money, too. If you decide to try this method, let the visitors buy through a quality alternative payments gateway. That way you will protect them from any online fraud, which is crucial for the reputation and the business potential of your blog.

4 – Contribution-based blog

There are two main schools when it comes to charging blog visits; the first one is the pro-membership side, while the other one supports free content, but calls for readers’ contributions. For instance, if you write a blog about music and offer your own video tutorials, like singing classes, you could add a section called “contribute if you like it”. The thing is that people will pay for something if they find a service or a tutorial useful. Have a look at this guy to see how it works. Although it is a YouTube channel, the approach is the same.

5 – Building-selling approach

Some people approach the blog-building process as if they work in the construction industry. Their agenda consists of three simple steps: you launch a blog, build it and sell it. Since there are millions of avid blogger wannabes in the world, you can actually find people who will write great content at lower rates during the first few months. They will gain experience for their portfolio and you will get well-crafted content. Of course, it would be fair to include those people into the entire selling story and tell them what they can expect from the blog in the future if they keep writing for you.

The most important rule for ever new blog owner is to forget about getting rich overnight. Creating a successful blog is a long-lasting procedure, but it can yield some tasty crops if you play the entire procedure by the book. In addition, you can write a book how you started making money from the blog and make some additional money, too. It will be the cherry on top of your blog.

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