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5 Efficient Methods for Wooden Dining Table Scratch Removal

Wooden Dining TableA lot of memories are shared every meal on your wooden dining table, making it an immovable part of your family’s history. So it is only obvious that you would want to preserve and take care of it. Even conservation of antique wooden furniture as well as works of art to look may be still restored to look like new. This may be perceived as new by a potential buyer or a viewer

But over the years of use, there is a high chance that scratches and stains on it may be evident.

The scratches on your wooden dining table are not only an unsightly appearance, but they leave the wood unprotected and open to staining and moisture, as well. Scratches can be either slight or deep, and fixing or removing each type requires a different method of repair. The finish of your wooden table should also be put into consideration as it plays a part in how to remove the scratches, especially if the scratch is deep. This can easily be eliminated .

Whether it is a Nick Scali, or any other type of wooden dining table, here are some ways on how to remove or minimize scratches and stains.

5 ways to remove scratches and stains

1. Restoring wooden furniture is as simple as light cleaning aimed to remove dirt or grime for instance, on a painting’s surface or may consist of an entire rebuilding or replacement. Mostly, restoration of wooden furniture is done in preparation for sale or when a collector is yet to acquire a new piece.

2. Removal of old wax from the wooden furniture first since a cleaner of any sort will not penetrate an exterior that has some buildup of old waxes. Remove of the wax can be done by use of paint thinner.

3. Using a glass bowl, pour a small amount of paint thinner, and using a superfine pad of steel wool, lightly rub in unhurried motions across the antique’s surface. Be careful to avoid rubbing so hard that you get to scratch the wood.

4. After cleaning, re-apply wax to the newly cleaned antique so as to protect the newly cleaned exterior, unlike where oily furniture spray polish only offers a shine without protecting the furniture.

5. If the damage is just a dent, and none of the wood is actually scratched away, you can sometimes lift the compressed wood with steam from a clothes iron. Set the iron to a high setting, and mist the dent with just plain water. Place a damp cloth over the dent, and remember to gently press the hot iron over the cloth in small circles.

Keep the iron moving for about three minutes, and checking every minute or so to see if the dent has been raised. Also, it is a good rule of thumb to test this method in a hidden area first, as the steam may discolour your dining table’s wood stain.

Following all these steps ensure your dining table looks new. Restoration entirely aims at giving the original functionality or appearance of a given piece of item.

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