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Don’t get stung this summer: Keep yourself Safe from Stinging Insects

Keep yourself Safe from Stinging InsectsDuring summer, people need to take care of their self and make sure of taking proper and perfect precautions from the stinging insects. Summer is the season of bringing of more pests and when the stinging insects thrive here and there.

Stinging insects like wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, bees are harmful to human skin and some of the stinging insects are considered as beneficial to our environment. Follow the instruction about how to keep yourself safe from stinging insects.

1 – Reaction of Stinging Insects

  • According to the Romney Pest control, the allergic reaction of stinging insects sends more than 500,000 people to the emergency room annually.
  • The removal of stinging insect’s colony is not an easy way and never does it yourself. For its removal, you need professional pest control company services.

2 – Observe the Areas

Check for all these areas in search of stinging insects :

  • First, you need to observe the area of your homes, yards and gardens are the most susceptible and favourite place to stinging insects.
  • Check out the entire green tree of your garden.
  • Other areas for stinging insects are the gutters, overhangs of buildings, decks, sheds, crawlspaces, attics and cavities in the ground.

3 – Colony Builders

Some of the stinging insects build colony such as yellow jackets colonies can host upward of 5,000 insects, and on the other hand, a honey bee colony can reach the size of a small city in excess of 20,000.

4 – Tips for protection Against Stinging Insects

A lot of tips are available online but these tips help you to protect your family and pets from stinging insects :

  • Clear all the Crevices and Cracks: Observe for the available cracks and holes in your homes, which as a path for insects from moving outdoors, clear and seal all the available cracks and crevices.
  • Covered the Food Items: Cover all the food items because the food items many of the insects and especially in a picnic or when you cookout make sure that all your food items cover well, and be sure to keep tight-fitting lids on trash bins
  • Avoid Excessive Use of Fragrances: Avoid the use of cologne or perfume excessively while coming outside in the summer season, as most of the insects such as yellow jackets attract towards the sweet smell.
  • Avoid Dark Colours: Avoid the dark colour and floral print wearing in the summer season, because these patterns of wearing can attract the stinging insects. Before going to walk in the grassy area wear closed-toe shoes as some stinging insect have their nest in the grass.

5 – Precaution Tip

  • As one sting may not be harmful, several stings can be fatal, even if you are not allergic. Don’t try to remove the nest on your own.
  • Carefully, and quietly passed near the nest of stinging insects, as they don’t react when you walk calmly.

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