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5 tips to face your fear of change

face fear of changeWe all witnessed a moment in our lives when we needed to make a big change. Some of us succeeded easily, while others just couldn’t get over their fears. Here are 5 tips to face those fears that really pull us back and prevent us from going through action!

1 – Name your fears

The first to do is to name your fears as well as your project be it personal or professional. This is the biggest step to succeed in the change you want to make.

It can be helpful to write down your fears, embody them in words. That would make you balance your fears to dominate them better.

Dress a table with 4 columns. In the first on, you name your project for instance “animate a conference”. In the second one, you name the fears that prevent you from doing it: “fear of how I look”, “the public would not take me seriously”, “I can’t express myself in public”. In the 3rd column, you note the consequences of these acts: “people will laugh at me”, “it will be the end of my carrier”…and on the 4th column, try to write down all the elements that you have in you to succeed in this project: “a nice smile, anew dress, train in front of a mirror, record your presentation by a friend and then review the flaws…”

2 – Kick down the negative thinking

“I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not good enough”… if there is something that every human being is capable of doing is to think negatively about themselves. However, those negative thoughts are a hold back. Try to note down all the negative things you think about yourself and in front of each point write the positive things that contrast that thinking: “I am a loser, I can’t achieve this project” / “I am not that bad, I already achieved some hard tasks like…”.

3 – Break the lock gradually

Big projects can’t be achieved in a day. It is a long process that needs a lot of efforts and PATIENCE. Nevertheless, the society in which live doesn’t stop pressuring us to be more efficient and reactive.

Don’t let this attitude depress you. Start with small achievements that you will enjoy. It will give you back your self confidence in exploring bigger fields! For example if you think that you can’t lose weight, start with a little note where you write clearly “no snacking for 28 days”. Once that goal is done, well start a bigger one J

4 – Take a role model

The point here is not to copy blindly a person’s carrier or life style but to get inspired from their success to encourage you. Choose someone from your surrounding who succeeded in the field you like and ask them questions about how they did it…their tips and advices can be more than helpful.

5 – Stay positive even in case of difficulties

It is a known fact; a pessimistic person tends to ruminate about the problem while the optimistic tends to find solutions. And this is the productive attitude to adopt. If you let down a problem at the beginning, it means that you will never go through things in life and you will always see obstacles where there are none.

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