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5 ways to ease your stomach troubles

Stomach Troubles1- To calm your stomach: cabbage juice

If you have a terrible stomach ache, cabbage juice can help you feel better.

It can also heal the intestinal wounds. You can as well prepare this juice by yourself.

Put a white cabbage in the centrifuge and drink a fresh juice.

Also, you can consume the cabbage during your meals; but it is better that you eat them cooked.

2- Heartburn: ginger

Powerful tonic, ginger can also be used in case of stomach ache. It aids in digestion and chases away intestinal gas.

You can consume it in your meals or as herbal tea. Mix 0.5g of ginger powder in hot water. Drink it slowly. 2-3 times/day.

3- Anti-acid: Mallow

It’s an ideal plant to take a good care of a fragile stomach.

Known for its anti-acid effects, the mallow can be consumed as a herbal tea. It should be drunk hot once you feel the ache.

4- Stomach cramps: green clay

Some stomach aches can be accompanied with cramps.

To ease these aches, think of green clay. It is used as a poultice for natural effects.

Pour the clay powder in a bowl and cover it with boiling water.

Mix it to have a paste that is not too thick. Apply on your stomach. Let it dry then rinse it with warm water.

5- Digest better: Anise

For a long time, anise is appreciated for its digestive qualities.

It is indeed a plant that calms the abdominal aches due to digestive troubles.

You can use it as tea herb or chew some anise seeds after each meal.

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