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Hicham RK

Hi. I'm an IT Professional working in a Telecom company. With a lot of passion and ideas, I've decided to run this blog to share advice with people like you. I hope you'll enjoy them.

How To Plant Vegetable Garden in Pots

Planting is by far the most beneficial hobby. Not only does it help Mother Nature, it can also become a decorative piece in your garden. Aside from that, the fruits your plant bear whether it is something you can eat, like vegetables and fruits, or something you can just look at like ...

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Food poisoning cases double over the summer, be careful !

Food poisoning is usually mild, and most people get better within a week. But sometimes it can be more severe, even deadly, so it’s important to take the risks seriously. Children, older people and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to food poisoning. “The safest option is to cook food indoors ...

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The Zermati Diet was created by the French nutritionist Doctor Jean-Philippe Zermati. This is a non-restrictive weight management program that reduces your calorie intake, essentially by eating only in response to hunger signals. Here are some of the principles of this life-long weight-management program : – Write down your dietary ...

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Lift up the gloomy mood in the atmosphere of your house

Colors are elements which can change your mood in your house. A shade of green or blue could give you the feeling of freshness while softer shades of beige or pink would give you a soothing feeling. A welcoming aubergine combined with pale green and a soft white leaves you ...

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