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How To Plant Vegetable Garden in Pots

Planting is by far the most beneficial hobby. Not only does it help Mother Nature, it can also become a decorative piece in your garden. Aside from that, the fruits your plant bear whether it is something you can eat, like vegetables and fruits, or something you can just look at like flowers can give a sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a large space to nurture a plant. Thankfully, pots can be acquired anywhere to compensate for lack of area. This is great news especially if you are health conscious, since you don’t have to spend time going to groceries to buy your favorite veggies. Here is how you can plant a vegetable garden in pots.

  • What you will need. To get you started, be ready with the following: containers, seeds or starter plants, growing medium and mulch.
  • What you need to consider. The top issue that would need careful planning is the amount of space you have. If you have limited space, you need to plan carefully what kind of vegetables you would like to grow. You need to take into consideration how much they would yield, and how much space they would occupy. Create a record of all the plants you would like to have and carefully weed out those you can do without. Remember that space needs to be maximized. You also have to take time in thinking how large your container should be. Some plants grow best if they are planted alone while some don’t mind sharing. Opt for plants that you can situate together. Doing this would allow you to have more variety. Lastly, contemplate on which plants need more sunlight, thinking about this ahead of time would help you in positioning your containers.
  • What you need to decide on. There are a number of containers available in the market. If you are considering aesthetics, you can purchase decorative pots. If you are on a budget, you can choose from terra cotta pots and grow bags. If spending for containers is not on your to-do list, you can just scope up your house, and use milk cans, pails or even your kid’s toy box. Be reminded however that containers you ought to pick should not be treated with any chemical and should be made from nontoxic materials. If you also have little access to the sun, you can choose aluminum foil pans, since they reflect light and can be used to warm your plants more. As for your growing medium, the only thing to put in mind is that it should be lightweight, so that it won’t hinder in the movement of your plant’s roots. Finally in purchasing seeds or starter plants, make sure that you only procure from trustworthy and dependable stores.
  • What you need to remember. Plants are addicted to water. Take time to nourish them with water and if you have some spare money, invest in mulch. Putting some in your plants can help the soil retain moisture and nutrients.

You don’t have to be a garden expert to grow plants; all it really takes is patience and a bit of your time. It wouldn’t hurt as well to sing to your plants, some say that this makes the plants become healthier and happier.

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