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For Women Only: Best Choices for Hair Removal

Woman Hair RemovalAny woman’s worst nightmare is when it is time to remove unwanted hair from their bodies; especially from places which are very visible and which can cause a lot of distress and discomfort. There are many methods to choose from and there are many different ways to use the methods in order to remove hair.

There is also the option to try out treatments which will permanently remove hair; however, you have to be careful as sometimes these methods can be quite painful and unpleasant in some cases. If you keep up a regular routine of hair removal, in time it will become painless and a quick way to take care of your beauty.

1. Using tweezers

Using tweezers is perhaps one of the best home-made solutions as you will be getting rid of hair for a long time. However, it is better to use tweezers only on small areas and on sensitive areas as it will require a lot of patience and a steady hand. Before tweezing out hair, remember to clean the tweezers with alcohol to get rid of any bacteria that might cause an infection.

Be careful when using the tweezers on your own because if you pull the hair wrong, it is possible to break it and the hair will grow back under the skin causing ingrown hair. Also, it can lead to complications if ingrown hair is not dealt with as soon as possible.

2. Using a shaver

Shaving with either disposable razors or with electric shavers it is important to remember that when you shave the hair growing back will feel stubbier and coarser. You should also remember that you will need to use shaving creams or gels, or just plain water, to get the best results and not to irritate the skin. Also, with razors you have to be extra careful not to damage sensitive parts of your skin, especially in places where it would be easily visible.

Moreover, shaving the bikini area can be really dangerous as ingrown hair is a regular side effect for razors so be prepared to spend some extra time tweaking those pesky hairs that do not want to let go easily. Also, remember that shaving last only a few days and that you will need to hydrate the shaved areas well otherwise your skin will be irritated and it will feel uncomfortable.

3. Using wax

Waxing is also a good method to get rid of hair, but it will come at a price as you have to spread hot wax on the parts of your body where you want the hair to be removed, and then apply cloth strips, wait for the wax to dry and quickly pull off to remover the hair. Be careful as it can be painful and it can really irritate the skin; prepare creams and lotions to hydrate your body well.

Be cautious as waxing can lead to infecting the hair follicles so make sure that you check your body for redness and any signs of infection so that you can visit your dermatologist if you should need help.

4. Using laser technology

Removing hair with lasers is perhaps the least painful method and it will yield great results in the long run, but you will have to come regularly for a touchup.

Laser hair removal is great as it can remove hair from any part of your body and it is aimed at the very roots of the hair, leaving your body with a long lasting hair reduction.

Be careful though, as lasers can leave little scars and burning marks, so check back with your doctor if you see anything out of the ordinary going on your laser treated areas.

5. Beauty hair removal

It is important to find the best method for removing unwanted hair, so that you can implement it into your beauty regiment and to make sure that your skin will not be damaged in the process. Scars and marks will be more visible than a few hairs standing out, so make sure that in the process of hair removal you take good care of your body. To avoid skin irritation it is best to generously use hydrating creams and lotions.

For more information on how to permanently remove unwanted body hair visit Clear skin care clinics.

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