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How To Find A Great Podiatry Practice In Your Area Using Social Media

Podiatry PracticeWhen you have problems with your feet, it affects your whole body including your state of mind. When your feet are not working as they should do, this limits your mobility and it can often leave you housebound. Feet can suffer from all sorts of different problems from in-growing toenails and bunions right through to serious joint and ligament problems including strains, breaks and fractures. The feet are probably one of the most hard-working parts of your body, and it is highly likely that at some point you will require the services of a podiatric clinic. These people are specialists in all things related to feet, and therefore the best people to go to for professional advice and help. Don’t panic if you are housebound – it has never been so easy to find a great podiatric clinic online. The best place to go is online social media, and in this article we are going to tell you how to do that.

Spread the Word

The first thing that you need to do when you get online is log into your social media accounts. You may well have a Twitter and/or a Facebook account, and some people also have Google+, Pinterest and all sorts of other social media platforms. No matter which one you use, update your status to let your friends know that you are looking for recommendations of good podiatric clinics. You will find that within seconds people start to reply to you, offering up their ideas. Very often, they will actually link you to the relevant page – as most clinics these days have an online presence on social media. This is a very efficient way of finding out what you need to know, as within minutes you will be on their page, getting an idea of how they operate.


If nobody gets back to you with helpful suggestions, then your next step is to search for local podiatric clinics nearby. Use whichever search engine you prefer, and make a note of what is suggested. Narrow down your options by visiting all of the clinics’ websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and getting more information. You will find that some of them even have YouTube channels which can offer you instant advice with their demonstrations and instructional videos. There is a wealth of resources online so make sure you have a good look around.

Make the Booking

Decide on your podiatric clinic of choice and give them a call or drop them an email to find out more information. This will sooner or later lead to a booking, and you can even look online to get directions for how to find the clinic. Many people rely heavily on the internet these days for making reservations and bookings, and it is becoming easier and easier to do so.

So, no matter what services is that you’re looking for, consider using social media to get what you want more quickly. Make the most of other people’s knowledge, and choose your podiatric clinic based on recommendations rather than pot luck.

Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Walk’N Comfort, leaders in diabetic orthotics in Toronto. She takes keen interest in yoga and enjoys playing coco and table tennis. To get in touch with Nancy, follow her on Twitter @Nancy_Baker.

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