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Kids’ Playroom Ideas: Easy for You, Fun for Them

kids playroomAh, children, you gotta love them. They make home warmer, running around, tipping things over. Right? Sure, once the little angels come to the face of the earth they are always in the center of our attention, but don’t you sometimes think it would be great if they had a place just for themselves, a little corner they would call their own? In case you do, we bring you a couple of interesting ideas on how to create and organize your kids space, which do not require a lot of money.

1. How About a Little House of Their Own in the Backyard?

You heard it right, that’s exactly what we are proposing. But, you think, wasn’t this article supposed to be about cheap and quick ways to make your kids happy? The answer is it was, and it still is. Two words for you: shipping containers.

Finding a place in the apartment which you could dedicate should not be a problem, but if you have a house, feel free to think out of the box. If you have a spacious backyard which is private and safe enough that you’d be able to leave your children on their own to play in it, then consider shipping containers which, with just a little bit of patience can be turned into wonderful sanctuaries your kids will just love. One of the great advantages of shipping containers is that you can make them comfortable and model them to your needs with almost no funds at all.

2. Organize an Area Where They Will Be Free Express Their Creativity

The kids can do wonderful stuff and produce amazing things if you just let them, but often it is really impractical and possibly even counterproductive for their proper upbringing to let them destroy things around the house in a fit of artistic expression.

 However, if you created an area in your home and make as incident proof as possible, then let the children know that is a place where they can be as creative as they can, you  would accomplish a couple of useful things. First of all, the kids would be happy, but it would also teach them about limits in a very affirmative way.

Organizing an art area is not hard at all. For example, once you decide on the spot where it would be, use sheets to cover the furniture and create a fun looking space. If you find some blue sheets you can even claim it’s a sea. Then provide them with water colors, pastels, white paper, musical instruments and whatever else you think your children may like (you know them best after all) and let the fun start!

3. When There is Already Creativity, How About a Learning Room?

When the school days come, you may encounter some friction in your kids’ attitude towards learning. You know it yourself – school was never too fun, was it? Well, that’s the key problem: Learning would be so much easier if the school was a cool, interactive, thought provoking place to be.

Your kid does not have to be a scientist in the making in order to enjoy learning. As a matter of fact they don’t even have to identify it as learning. You can turn the corner of their room into a place of wonder with just a little bit of imagination. Make colorful prints of famous people and interesting places and use them as wallpapers (that might provoke a lot of questions – who’s that, where’s this – but that’s the very  purpose of it), put as many books as you can and, if you have some old, unnecessary books, you can even create a fun looking set of stools and a table which will charm your kids.

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