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Menopause… Stay fit and beautiful!

Menopause - Stay fit and beautifulIt is usually by 50 that suddenly women get extra weight. It is usually caused by menopause and this is one of the reasons that make us fear this moment of our life.

As a matter of fact, the thighs get thinner while the belly becomes more round like a ball, and finally the hips gain extra pounds (more than wanted).

So, in order to control better those morphological changes, it would be better to adopt the right reflexes.

Usually, it starts during the pre-menopause that the hormones evolve in the body. In fact, with more estrogens and less progesterone, the body suffers from water and salt retention as well as a bad distribution of body fat.

These changes are normal since they are caused by the decrease energy burning, the increase of calories intake, and the redistribution of body mass index.

No worries! There exist medical treatments based on progestin hormones which can counteract the estrogen effects.

You can also count on a healthy life style to eliminate or at least decrease the bad effects of menopause. You don’t need to go for a strict diet, just adopt a healthy lifestyle: avoid fat food and too much sweet. Choose proteins in your everyday meal and opt also for fish rather than red meat as they are a better source of proteins. Also, include dairy food for calcium portion. And finally, eat as much as you can of salad and green vegetables.

Always remember that some natural plants can be helpful to go through that period, like burdock or red vine. These plants are known for their effect to eliminate toxins.

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  1. great article about fitness especially for women. Actually to keep fitness is a consciousness. It needs motivation.