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Rudimentary Cleaning Techniques – Old School Cleaning

rudimentary Cleaning TechniquesModern cleaning companies usually adapt to the most effective eco-friendly approaches possible, pulling from rudimentary and old school cleaning techniques. While modern advances in science and technology have afforded many societal benefits, the flip side is that individuals can frivolously use harmful chemicals while cleaning. We prefer to learn from what has worked in the past, and only use what is working well in the present.

Part of old school cleaning means using products made from materials easily found around the home. These tend to be healthier for you and the environment, because they are not composed of deadly chemicals. Here are five of the most popular ingredients used to spiff up a house, old school style.

1 – Castile soap

This biodegradable soap is based on vegetable fat instead of animal fat. A popular base material is olives, though there are many possibilities including avocados, coconuts, and almonds. The white and odorless soap comes in both solid and liquid forms. People can also create their own soap with a base and essential oils.

2 – Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate is inexpensive and can be used in a plethora of cleaning situations. It occurs naturally in the environment and biodegrades. Purposes include stain removal, deodorizing, and grease cutting. It does a fantastic job sanitizing toilet bowls when combined with other ingredients like vinegar and essential oils. It also works as an oven cleaner when mixed with water and let sit for several hours.

3 – White vinegar

White vinegar’s high acidity allows it to destroy small malicious organisms. It is created by fermenting corn alcohol. Mentioned in the previous listing, it also serves as a powerful combo with other ingredients including baking soda. Their reactionary power can help clean the likes of drains and carpets. Almost any task requiring cleaner can benefit from using white vinegar.

4 – Hydrogen peroxide

Completely natural, hydrogen peroxide is a very powerful cleaner. Its molecular composition is similar to water except for an additional oxygen atom. It kills bacteria and can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to bleach. Almost any odor can be removed with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide.

5 – Borax

Borax is a natural mineral often found where lakes have evaporated. When combined with water, it actually produces hydrogen peroxide. It is a great microorganism deterrent, and serves as a buffer solution when combined with other chemical reactions. Many modern day products use it as an ingredient.

Using home materials to clean is only part of the old school story though. Without many of the modern gadgets we take for granted, cleaning involved a substantial time investment. Without the vacuum cleaner, people relied solely on brooms, mops, and hand scrubbing to clean floors. If we go even farther back, half the time spent doing housework involved carrying firewood and cleaning out ashes. Smoke and soot would get on furniture and kerosene lamps could discolor contacted items. If a house did not have running water, wastewater had to be carried physically from collection points.

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