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Technology of the Future: 7 Technological Wonders to Come

technology-of-the-futureSome things we could barely imagine a few years ago have now become technological realties, and there are more mesmerizing innovations around the corner. Advancements in technology are sure to continue impressing us in the very near future. The following 7 tech innovations are guaranteed to wow us as we continue to innovate.

1 – Cars

Current cars on the market offer technological perks such as parking assistance and back-up control, and the future is bound to provide us with more. The need for a driver’s license may soon become a thing of the past as cars begin to drive themselves; engineers have designed self-driving cars that are capable of traveling to a pre-programmed location. However, there are many issues that must be worked out before these cars become available to the general public. One of the main concerns is how to combine driverless and human controlled vehicles while managing to keep our roads safe.

2 – Classrooms

Students already have the ability to attend school virtually, but distance learning schools catering to all ages are in their infancy. While they are functioning, hopes for improving academic efforts include virtual classrooms allowing for greater interaction among students. There is also the possibility of virtual reality scenarios to make students feel as though they are inside a classroom.

3 – Medical advancements

The medical progress made over the last century is truly awe inspiring. From stem cell research to robotic arms and legs, we have come a long way. The future holds even more hope; as we continue to find cures for disease and contribute to cancer studies, life expectancy will increase and the aging process will slow.

4 – Robots

Household robots will soon be as common as a toaster. These could be designed for a variety of tasks, including household chores and meal preparation. Robots could also serve to aid those with disabilities, giving them the freedom to live alone and reclaim their independence like never before.

5 – Cross-cultural communication

Those who work in the field of translation may soon be out of a job. Advancements are being made to allow for accurate, computer based translations. Apps already exist that allow for the immediate translation of speech, but the resulting translations leave room for improvement. As technological advancements in translation are made, people will be able to communicate easily without the language barriers that currently exist.

6 – Brain controlled computers

Computers will soon be able to read minds: using brainwaves to type on a computer is a technological advancement currently in its infancy. As this field advances, people will be able to control a computer by thoughts alone. Ideally, this will significantly benefit those with disabilities, enabling easy communication and supporting motor functions.

7 – Travel

Some travel stress will soon be eliminated with the help of a few great ideas. Electronic passports will allow you to pass through security by displaying a document stored on a phone. Forget carrying suitcases around the airport; soon they will simply follow behind you on their own. Space travel will also become available to the general population, as companies competing for clients bring prices down.

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