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The Amenities you Should Check Before you Take a New Rented Apartment

Just moved in.
Just moved in.

Are you looking for a rental accomodation in any Indian metro city? Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are considered as major metropolitan cities with an immense growth in the real estate sector due to the development of IT companies and other MNC organizations. Since there is an increasing influx of people from all across the nation due to the job opportunities, the option for rented properties are also witnessing a high growth in several areas of the city.

Renting a house is not an easy task

Getting a rented property in the city and the adjacent areas is not a very difficult task due to the accessibility of variable options. Renting is not an easy task and it is usually found that individuals rush to get settled in the rented houses without analyzing and examining the house they are going to stay. It is always recommended by the experts from the field that individuals looking for rental accomodation must scrutinize the property properly.

There is no need to depend on real estate brokers

While searching for a rental flat or apartment there is no doubt to the fact that you might come across several real estate brokers and agents who will claim to help you to hunt for you the apt house. There is no doubt that they are professionals and have high communication skills to help you get the best property according to your convenience. But it is better that you don’t depend on any one and search for the property yourself and make a checklist while renting.

What are the property checklists that must be followed while renting a house?

While you are looking house for rent in Chennai or Bangalore, the following checklists must be followed:

– It is necessary to check the condition of the apartment and look out for any signs of cracks in the ceilings, walls or floors. In case you find any, it is suggested to ask the landlord to get it repaired.

– You must look for a house that has rooms with proper ventilation with windows and doors. Check the locks of the doors and also look out for any broken window panes.

– What is the condition of the washroom? Is it shabby and shows signs of wear and tear? Does the sink, tap and the flush work properly. It is better to turn on the taps and look out for its proper functioning before you move in.

– The kitchen area is also an important area of the house and you must check out for the cabinets and shelves. The ventilation of the kitchen is important and must be evaluated as well.

– While evaluating the bedroom you must consider the conditions of the windows and the doors and the flooring condition as well.

– Scrutinize the water and electricity supply. Look out for the electrical outlets, switches and the plumbing fittings.

– Is the drainage system of the house in good condition?

– The fire safety measures must be included in the checklist as well.

– The safety and the protection of the locality must be evaluated as well.

These are some of the checklists that every individual must analyze before looking for a house for rent in any of the Indian metropolitan cities.

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