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Tired of Bloating? 3 natural ways to digest easily!

bloatingBloating and nausea are common symptoms in our life. Yet, improving your way of life and preparing natural remedy can help you ease these uncomfortable troubles.

1- Change your (bad) eating habits

Digestive disorders are various and can be caused by eating quickly, or eating a large meal, drinking too much alcohol, stress or hormonal disorders.

Before rushing to see a doctor, there are certain measures that can help you digest easily.

Change your eating habits; practice sport regularly, take time to breathe and relax… these steps can be a real solution or even prevention.

  • Eat slowly all your food. Everything you chew should be almost a liquid when you swallow. In the evening, go for a light dinner and avoid fat meat.
  • Take your meal at a regular time with a 15 minutes break for lunch.
  • Try to move whenever you have the opportunity; especially after your meals. It surely helps you to digest better.

 2- Plants to ease your pain

These are freshly extracted. They can act like magic and can be used as aliments, seasoning, tea…

  • Digestive heaviness: turmeric, fumitory, gentian.
  • Heartburn: lemon balm, licorice (to avoid in case of blood pressure).
  • In case of constipation: artichoke, turmeric, lemon balm.

3- Start your meal with a fruit

It is a very good idea and you can even prepare a salad with some fruits, melon, apples, and squash.

This starter can help you avoid bloating and is considered a magnificent tip to eat slowly and lightly.

In fact, when we start with a fruit, we have a feeling of fullness. Thus we tend to eat less than we were supposed to.

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  1. Bloating is not only uncomfortable, it also makes one’s stomach appear bigger. I’ll try your tips and see whether they’ll work.