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Tree care and tips for the winter season

Winter-Tree-ProtectionWinter can be a harsh season for trees, but there are a few things you should keep in mind to protect the trees on your property.

Heavy snow and poor weather conditions can have a much bigger effect on trees than one may originally think. If there is enough snow that piles up on tree branches, the branches can buckle under the weight, causing the branches to break and fall.

Tree Pruning

To avoid this potential hazard, it is important to prune your trees, especially a little bit later into the winter season when your trees are dormant. Tree pruning is the process of removing dead or diseased branches from trees in order to maintain a tree’s healthiness. Professional tree companies can provide services for pruning trees so that you do not have to worry about it, and pruning at just the right time will help your trees to grow better in the spring.

By pruning your trees, you can preserve more sap and prepare them for better growth in the spring when the weather gets warmer.

Basic Tree Care

Keeping your trees properly watered is also a key to helping your trees survive throughout the winter. Just because the weather isn’t quickly drying out your trees as it can in the summer does not mean that your trees are getting all of the water they need to survive.

Properly mulching your trees can also help them stand up to the long winter that lies ahead. By mulching your trees around the bases, you can moderate the temperatures better and retain moisture better for the tree.

Tree Guards

It is also helpful to protect your trees from the strong winter winds. Strong winds can severely damage a tree, especially if you have young trees on your property. By placing plastic guards or wraps around the bases of your trees, you can help your trees withstand harsher temperatures than they would typically be able to handle. This tactic will also help you keep animals who are looking for food and shelter away from your trees.

Future Tree Maintenance

Once the winter season begins to slow down and come to a close, do an inspection of your trees to see how they held up throughout the cold, blistery weather. Calling in professionals such as companies that provide tree services in NJ can help you tidy up your yard and prepare your trees for the spring weather.

While all of these tips will help your trees combat the winter season, these tips work best when proper care and maintenance is put into your trees all year long. The better care you take care of your trees, the easier time they will have when undergoing harsh weather conditions.

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  1. Winter tree pruning is an excellent idea. It really is the best time to prune those trees. A well maintained tree will pay for itself by it’s extended life! Totally worth doing.

    You can call tree companies and get a free quote. But I do suggest you use a tree professional.

    Atlanta Tree Professionals