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5 Office Designs You can Steal From the Movie The Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada - Office DesignHow much we love the movie The Devil Wears Prada, some like it because they loved the book, some for its fine showcase of fashion, while many have their hearts sealed for the peach and cream complexioned Anne Hathaway and for many others it is the power that Streep exudes every time she appears in front of the camra. You might have your own reasons but in the midst of flashy costumes that all the characters happily flirted with along with the lovely locales of Paris, what one cannot overlook is the office décor. If you are game to re-design your office, then go the Miranda Priesley (Meryl Streep) way and give your office the sleek and classy finish.

The Devil Wears Prada Office Ideas – Take a Look and Seal The Deal at Your Office

1. Have Transparent Glass Doors

Transparency is extremely important when working in a corporate set-up. And the best way to imply that to your employees is by encouraging glass doors everywhere. The more the transparency, higher will be the clarity when at work with minimum scope for any kind of miscommunication. If you catch the movie once again, you shall notice that Miranda Priesley’s office was all about transparent glass doors.

2. Conference Rooms should have Chairs with Leather Finish

Leather implies sophistication and elegance. Every entrepreneur should naturally have or develop that taste, because only then will it get reflected on the work you deliver. Miranda Priesley was all about delivering quality work that would go on to become benchmarks. And the conference room at her work space had leather finished sitting area. All of it reflects style, class and business.

3. A Comfortable Kitchen or Canteen Area

Workspace is the area where you spend the maximum time of your day so a certain level of comfort in your work place is a must. A small kitchen or a well functional canteen is a boon when working for long hours. Cooking up a warm ready to eat meal or having a steaming cuppa while staying back in office till the wee hours is life saving. A canteen with great food is also important because the right amount of nutrition is necessary when you are slogging endlessly. In the movie, the kitchen and the canteen is shown well every time Andy (Anne Hathaway) steps in their.

4. Space to keep Your Bag and Belongings

When we step inside our office premises and the moment we are at our desk, all we can think of is work and having a clear focus at our work. In the movie, there is a separate space to keep your bag and belongings where Andy keeps her stuff. This is a great way to keep your bag, coat and mobile away from you as these often mess up your desk giving it a disorganized and cluttered look, thus disrupting your work flow.

5. Neat Presentation of Yourself

If you are in love with the movie, then you must have noticed how Miranda would mock and look down upon Andy because of her hideous dressing sense and specially the way she represented herself while at work. Many people make this mistake of not giving much attention to what they are wearing when at work, thinking that their work should do the talking. But break free from this notion, because the way you represent yourself matters to people to have a striking impression about you. Andy learnt her lesson and started dressing up appropriately to make others go green with envy and make her boss take notice of her.

So if you wish to take cue from this movie and re-design your office style, then be rest assured that it will hit jackpot just like the movie did.

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Jessica Parker is an interior designer and also a passionate blogger. Presently she is working at occubicles.com. In this article, she is talking about the office design ideas.

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