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5 Tips To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

stop smoking - fightIt is general knowledge that one pack of cigarettes can burn 200 Kcal.

Consequently, when you quit smoking, those calories are no longer burned.

Because it is really necessary to quit smoking, here are 5 tips to help you quit without gaining extra pounds.

1- Change your culinary habits

Get rid of all chips packs in your closet, as well as nuts, cookies, and all the fat substance.

Let’s go back to cooking with vegetables and real condiments such as vinegar, mustard …

This new habit can make you vary your meals and eat healthier with no risk of extra weight.

2- Adopt a nicotine substitute

Any substitute that can reduce your longing for a cigarette can be of great help.

Hence, you have less chance to get a snack. We recommend you a stock of sugar free gums that will keep your mouth busy for a while.

3- More fruits and vegetables

Being rich of antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are necessary in this cure.

Try to have a fruit in your breakfast and another one in your afternoon break.

And for vegetables, don’t forget to order a serving in your lunch and dinner.

This new habit can really change your lifestyle and become a source of wellbeing as you will eat fully without worrying much about extra weight.

4- Fight your sudden mood swings

In order to make it, all you need is to change your habits and take new resolutions.

For instance, you can choose to do some sport, or try massages, or yoga classes; even dance courses can do you a lot of good.

As a matter of fact, your body consumes energy and gives you a sensation of wellbeing that helps you get over a cigarette.

5- Drink a lot of water

It is really simple: one glass of water or cup of tea whenever you feel like smoking!

In fact, water can be replaced by tea or by coffee (but not more than 2 coffees /day).

Also, alcohol is not recommended to use it instead of water. Indeed, it is easy to accept a gently proposed cigarette after two glasses of one; in addition, alcohol is rich in calories (useless ones).

Hence, opt for green tea or light soft drinks as a substitution to water.

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  1. It’s economically beneficial too, since an e-cigarette can be used numerous occasions, does not develop highly toxic harmful smoke, or leaves any kind of ash or ugly residue. When purchasing the e – GO-T, it is only important to find out if the supplier also provides the cap at the end of the cartridge (re-filling end). An online electronic cigarette review will certainly feature that the battery packs of these devices could be charged for various periods of time.

  2. It has been hard for me to do. I held my weight even for two years and then added 20 lbs and I have yet to get it back off. But I can breath, sleep and enjoy life so much more now that I have quit.I just passed 1000 days with out a puff. You can do it too.

  3. Drinking of water has got to be my favorite one. It is amazing how many things can be solved by a glass of water 🙂