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5 ways to ease your baby’s colic

ease baby colicEvery evening, your baby starts crying because of pain. Your doctor insured you there is nothing wrong but the most famous infantile colic.

In this article, we are giving 5 ways to ease the pain of your baby.

1- Choose a vertical position

When feeding your baby, opt for a vertical position rather than a horizontal one. In that way, they shan’t swallow much air and will suffer less from gas.

Also, if you’re not breast feeding, your baby wouldn’t swallow much air if you use a 120ml instead of a 240ml bottle.

2- Massage your baby’s belly

Usually, body contact softens the tensions and anxiety for sensitive babies.

All you need is few drops of body milk or essential oils, that you can warm in your hands, and keep doing circular movements on your baby’s belly. Start from his belly button towards the exterior clockwise.

Also remember to use this tip one hour before he usually starts crying, but never right after feeding.

3- Sweetened water

British doctors have discovered that a small amount of sweetened water can have healing power for babies.

Melt half a t-spoon of sugar in 20ml of water. Boil it then let it get cold. Take a few drops of the sweetened water with a syringe (bought from the drugstore). Then put it on the corner of your baby’s mouth so he can suck it.

Don’t use this tip more than 2 times a day.

4- Avoid overstimulation

Babies with colic are usually over sensitive babies who react highly to the least stimulation. So, they require excessive calm and quietness.

Hence, try not to put many music boxes in their room so they can enjoy quietness.

5- Fall in love with plants

Some breast feeding mothers have actually noticed the effect of the chamomile tea they drunk before feeding their babies on the colic pains these latters have.

Indeed, you can also go for fennel, orange blossom, or lime. They all have comforting results on your babies.

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